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Hello. And welcome to FBSM Reviews. By Amber

Our story: About 6 years ago I was asked to help write an article, based on my own experiences in this business, called “How to beat Backpage stings for Dummies.” (And: How to verify clients) To help keep consenting adults safe from stings that are meant to target underage traffickers.

About three years ago FBSM Reviews was born, based on that article (but under a different name).

The idea was to create a better alternative to Backpage and Eros, by only allowing well reviewed and verified escorts to post ads. This way, you can read reviews and know exactly what to expect when contacting someone new for the first time. So you don’t have to worry about any unexpected, unwanted surprises, ever again. (No more bad dates or fake pictures, either.)

Our guarantee: On FBSM Reviews you will only find entertainers that have been verified or that have reviews. And, that are over 21 years old. (Every other adult site allows anyone with a few dollars to post.)

Our policy: FBSM Reviews does not charge entertainers to post (ads are free). This way we can reject anyone who we can not verify or who does not have reviews.

A search box is in the top right corner of your screen that allows anyone to search providers based on various criteria (for free). Type in any name/phone number or city/state.

The only way to be able to continue to provide you with a better alternative (online and up-to-date) is to charge a monthly subscription fee. You will find though that FBSM Reviews is the best priced in the business, by more than half. To access FBSM reviews and our exclusive content subscribe now and help us to help you.

24 hour trial subscription just $1.00 (try us out, if you like what you see, subscribe)

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A 30 day subscription is just $17.00 (and $17.00 a month to continue, cancel anytime).

Best deal:  A 12 month subscription is just $135.00 (yearly/cancel any time.)

FBSM Reviews allows you to read reviews wrote by guys just like you. Reviews are your best way to know that what you see is what you get. And to give you a better idea of what to expect when seeing someone new for the first time.

Sign into the FBSM community. Fully editable profile. Modify your account and notification settings. Make connections with our other members. Talk to each other directly and in private. Public, private and hidden groups. Access members only content and read reviews.

Welcome to FBSM Reviews. Before you subscribe look around the site, read FAQ and sleep on it. If you still wish to subscribe, FBSM Reviews will still be here. Our goal is your total satisfaction. So if you have an idea or a suggestion drop us a line: contact -Amber

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Our rates are subject to change but once you subscribe your rate is locked in and will never go up. Also there are no “levels”, all subscribers have full access to FBSM Reviews. At FBSM Reviews, there is no up selling, ever.

Thank you for joining the FBSM Reviews community. Without you, we would not be here.