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If you are just finding us for the first time, FBSM Reviews is where adults go to have fun and be safe from the games and the drama that people play.

At FBSM Reviews, each and every post/review is verified before it is published.

What does that mean for you?  It means that every photo is current and accurate. Every post is a real person. And at FBSM Reviews we take it another step. At FBSM Reviews we only post providers who have a record of being honest and reputable.

Let that sink in for a minute. At FBSM Reviews, you will only find the best providers in the business. Our providers offer a wide range of services from escorting to travel companions, see each post for details.

But what does FBSM Reviews do when we verify a provider is not reputable or honest? FBSM Reviews post that provider with a “SCAM ALERT” attached to their post.

FBSM Reviews was created to help keep providers and their clients safe and informed. We want to thank our subscribers because without you, FBSM Reviews could not exist.

About FOSTA/SESTA and human trafficking:

FOSTA/SESTA was wrote by Congress and passed by the president to combat online human and underage trafficking. FBSM Reviews takes both of these issues very seriously. To fight underage / human trafficking only providers who are twenty one years old or older and who work independently can post on FBSM Reviews. (No exceptions.)

How does FBSM Reviews verify post/reviews?

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FBSM Reviews is where you go to get the party started. Let the fun begin.

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