17 arrested in Myrtle Beach prostitution bust


Seventeen people were arrested in a prostitution operation in Myrtle Beach.

According to a release from the City of Myrtle Beach, the Myrtle Beach Street Crimes Unit conducted an operation to “target complaints related to prostitution” within the city.

Those arrested include:

– Jessica Roberts, 30 – charged with prostitution

– Mary Robinson, 53 – charged with prostitution

– Ernest Stokes, 44 – charged with prostitution

– Alexandrea Jackson, 25 – charged with prostitution

– Magdelene Fowlkes, 20 – charged with prostitution

– Jannis Richardson, 47 – charged with prostitution

– Ashley Roberts, 28 – charged with prostitution

– Devon Bivens, 36 – charged with possession of marijuana

– Jennifer Blessing, 43 – charged with loitering for purposes of prostitution and wanted by the Horry County Sheriff’s Department

– Kefron Cook, 37 – charged with prostitution

– Brittney Gregson, 26 – charged with prostitution

– Lillian Hendrickson, 27 – charged with prostitution

– Candice Bowers, 44 – charged with prostitution

– Jessica Brown, 31- charged with loitering for purposes of prostitution

– Gregory Canty, 38 – Wanted by the ATF

– Jennifer Bean-Wilson, 41 – charged with prostitution

– Janet Cooper, 54 – prostitution and wanted by the Horry County Sheriff’s Department

The operation targeted street level and internet-based prostitution, according to the release. The U.S. Marshals, ATF Task Force, SLED, and the Myrtle K-9 Unit assisted in the operation.

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