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FBSM reviews website has enabled providers to name and shame bad clients.

Names, descriptions and even phone numbers can be shared in online posts aimed at warning fellow providers about potentially dangerous clients.

The Bad Date List is a community-based violence intervention tool utilized by escorts / providers to share information regarding “bad dates.” A Bad Date may be any person who threatens, behaves violently towards, robs, extorts, or engages in any behavior that violates the agreed upon terms and boundaries of the exchange. This list may also be used to report bad encounters with law enforcement.

If you or someone you know would like to report a Bad Date anonymously fill out the form below.

*User Lily says: BEWARE, this client: Walter Garcia (201) 613-3428 assaulted a provider.

*User Dana Chicago: ATTENTION DO NOT SEE This scum assaulted & robbed another provider last weekend & has many other reports doing the same to other ladies. His name is Michael Leflore aka Mike Black (773) 999-4812 And yes he was screened.

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*User xxAmyxx revealed details of a time waster she said was ‘back to the old tricks’.

*User Lilith revealed details of a man who removed a condom during a session without her noticing…

“Had a P411 client pretend to put the condom on, when I noticed, he held me down and continued, telling me I was a whore and I liked it. Had to placate him after to avoid more violence. He took an extra hour of time, tried to short me, made me ‘ok’ him before I left.”

“After I left I immediately contacted Gina and asked for him to be removed from the site. He had 20 okays and not one of them answered me for screening, so I assume that’s how he got his okays.”

*User AvaK revealed details of an attempt to extort money from a friend of hers…

She said: “She had a booking at 4pm and when he arrived said he was sent by a local gangster who runs all the escorts in that area. And all girls who work must pay a commission. He was about 5′ 5” really short, dark blonde hair.

“She managed to talk her way out if it but he started by demanding $1,000.”

*User Kay-darline revealed details of two clients who tried to scam her into free services, claiming they had already paid an agency. She included one client’s phone number.

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FBSM reviews was created to help keep clients and providers safe by allowing you to post reviews of your dates.

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Your reviews help to keep the FBSM reviews community safe and informed.

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