By Alea

Thank you for stopping by FBSM Reviews. And thank you for your comments. I thought I’d share some of them with you as they come in.

Q1.) “Please cancel my subscription to FBSM Reviews. I no longer wish to be a member. Please acknowledge this request.”

A1.) I have no problems with “acknowledging your request.” This is a subscription and as with any subscription you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. No hard feelings.

Unfortunately for webmasters we are not paid for traffic or clicks, in fact I’m charged more money the more traffic I receive. The same way that you have to pay when you go over your minutes or data usage on your cell phone.

Some webmasters plaster a bunch of tacky ads over top of the content that you’re looking for, in the hopes you’ll click an ad and buy something (because they are all commission based). Which makes webmasters create original and interesting content for the sole purpose of getting you to click an ad and leave their website. Which really doesn’t make any sense. Most of FBSM Reviews is free to use. You can subscribe or just use the free features, no hard feelings, honestly.

Q2.) Can I subscribe with cash instead of credit card?

A2.) Looking for a cash option? Not a problem. FBSM Reviews offers two cash options:

A.) The CashApp  (cash.me/$underground)

B.) Or send cash to (must include an email address that can be associated with your account)

Diane Gordon 750 S. Lincoln Avenue Suite #137 Corona, CA. 92882

You will then receive an email confirmation for your subscription/profile as soon as your order is received and processed (usually 3 to 5 business days).

Q3.) “I paid for a one day subscription to see how it went for members . I posted a review, it said success. But I do not see it posted here? So why would I want to continue with a membership if my reviews aren’t going to show up! I put the girls website above that I reviewed as I don’t have a website and why would I need one to review her?”

A3.) My apologies, first you do not need a website to post reviews. Second, you do not need a membership to post a review, it’s free. But thank you for your reviews because they help to keep the FBSM Reviews community safe.

Here’s what we do need to post your reviews: I do need the girls (entertainers) URL (looks like: https://fbsmreviews.org/verified-hot-jayme-510-879-7068/), why? Because how else would I know which girl you are reviewing? The review has the name Jayme and the name of the website you found her on but is that Jayme from San Diego or Jayme from New York city? You never say. All your review says is Jayme from such and such website.

Reviews do not post automatically, they must be approved. Unfortunately it is not possible to have your reviews published in a certain amount of time.

I publish reviews as my time permits. Why? Because to maintain this website requires a lot more work than just publishing reviews.

Q4.) Question 4 is a review I received: “She writes her post as classy high end girl. She’s actually trashy and has tattoos everywhere. Poor hygiene and seem to be high when she was at my hotel. I paid but didn’t enjoy the non classy appearance.”

A4.) This reviewer didn’t even give me a name to go by. So where should I publish his review?

Yours truly, Alea and the FBSM Reviews staff.

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