How to Screen Clients

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All you seasoned escorts know just how important a screening process is. Newbies: you’ll now be introduced to it in today’s blog entry, so stick around for part one!

If you heard the words “screening process” or you Googled them in your spare time but wanted to know more about the whole thing, we’re here to show you around. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t have a screening process set in stone, you risk facing dangerous situations, physically AND financially. There are so many abusive customers and scammers in your line of work, that you absolutely need to stay safe. Let’s look at today’s topic in more detail.

A screening process tells everyone you’re a professional

A companion who uses a screening process before accepting a booking sends the following message: “I don’t take my profession lightly. Respect me and I’ll respect you.” In other words: not every client deserves a place in your bed or your mind. They must be real people with verified jobs, bank accounts, home addresses, phone numbers, emails, and so on. Not to mention that during the screening process, you’ll also learn about your client’s fantasies and how to satisfy them best. Win-win situation for everyone!

A screening process helps you avoid violent behavior

As a pleasure provider, you must be very careful who you book. Too often have there been cases where an escort was abused by a disrespectful client. Therefore, a screening process is an absolute must. You can check their background with the help of a friend, another escort, or via the links we’ll provide in next week’s part two.

A screening process keeps scammers and time wasters away

Many companions complain about customers who don’t show up or look nothing like their photos. Other clients simply refuse to pay them or give them less than they agreed upon before the booking. The screening process helps you avoid such situations from the get go.

  1. Make sure clients provide one phone number for in calls and one for out calls

Confused? Here’s the explanation: mobile phone numbers are an easy way to talk to your client and find out whether they have trouble finding your address or not. You’ll be able to help them on the spot with useful info. Fixed land lines tell you if a potential customer is who they claim to be. Give him or her a call and, if someone else picks up the phone, something fishy is up.

2. Ask for the customer’s real name, phone number, and home address

This is another essential step to make sure you deal with a real person. Are they not afraid to give you this personal information? Good, go ahead with the booking. Shady types will refuse to do so and put an end to the conversation ASAP. Once you have the necessary details, give them a call, but not before you do a reverse phone search. This method gives escorts two important things: the name and address of the phone owner. If it’s all good, call that woman or man and set an appointment.

After you have their names, look them up on Facebook. It’s a sure sign that you’re dealing with someone who won’t waste your time.

  1. Tell your clients to send real photos

This is one of the most important rules of a screening process. Too many times escorts have been duped by customers who look amazing in pics but are nothing alike in real life. To avoid being one of the unlucky ones, ask your clients for real and recent photos. Compare them with the ones on their social media accounts. Are they a match? Awesome, you’re good to go!

  1. Ask another companion

You’ll be hard pressed to find escorts willing to tell you if they’ve had nasty encounters with clients. However, if you want to try this method, make sure you know how to interact with them. If you’re too pushy, their lips will remain sealed. Establish a connection and make them feel comfortable, then ask them if person X or Y was abusive, a scammer, a time waster, and so on.

In case you’re already friends with several providers, ask them for help in identifying those people you need to stay away from. If you’re not close to other companions, look for forums and discussion boards online for guidance.

  1. Use an online mapping app

There are many such services online, but the best by far is Google Maps. Type in the address your client provided, and you’ll see whether the neighbourhood is safe or not. Do you see hotels, restaurants, blocks of flats, and so on in the immediate vicinity? Accept the booking and have fun! Does the street look shady? Better stay away.

  1. Ask about their job

If a potential client shies away from telling you where they work, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to waste your time. Many people are very private about their jobs. This tip is directed more at those of you, dear escorts, who want to feel 100% safe about who they’re going out with. Being paranoid is OK, especially in this day and age. Find a job portal online, type in the name and phone number of the customer and see if they’re who they claim to be. If it doesn’t work, call their work number and see if they themselves pick up or another person does it.

  1. Listen to what your instinct tells you

As soon you have a guy’s or a lady’s phone number and email, break the ice by texting them to get a feel of what they’re like. Do you sense that something’s off with them? Trust your gut, it’s almost never wrong. Stay away from that man or woman and look for someone else to spend time with.

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