Looking for a Good Time in Good Conscience

By Mistress Ramona Ryder

It’s a weird time out there for providers. Eros turned over all of our government issued IDs to Homeland Security during the raid of its North Carolina headquarters in 2017. This breach of trust has mostly impacted foreign providers trying to cross into the US, even when not working, as they get turned away and told that they are banned without explanation. This includes providers who blur their face online. Now you know how we get verified on sites and the risk we take to prove that our ads are real.

Eros has also stolen money from me and countless other providers and has terrible customer service. One is unable to get in touch with a representative unlike Tryst, Slixa, and P411 that are more responsive and respectful to their customers. I have been boycotting Eros since they turned over our IDs and you should, too. They should have either a) not kept them after verifying us or b) had them on secure offshore servers that could not be accessed physically in the US.

I don’t have any beef with any other currently active advertising platforms but the now defunct, in the United States, TER had a hell of a history. I loved TER as a platform because I had amazing 10/10 reviews, and got a deluge of amazing clients off it, but TER did not exist as a boon for sex workers.

Review boards are a contentious topic in my industry. The Erotic Review (TER) in particular had a very bad reputation with sex workers due to its general rude treatment of providers by their moderators, encouragement of locker room talk, and overall objectification of women. Eros is not the only site that has rude or dismissive customer service.

David Elms, TER’s founder, is a sketchy motherfucker. His dastardliness was apparent in many ways; he forced a sex worker to perform oral sex on him at gunpoint and tried to hire a hitman to murder another woman. I did not know about David Elms’ dark history and the bad energy surrounding TER until after SESTA/FOSTA facilitated the shuttering of TER in the USA. If I had known, you bet your ass I would have boycotted them like Eros.

TER was not founded on respect for providers nor by a man who wanted what was best for sex workers; the founder did not care about our safety. David Elms started the site because he felt he was getting “ripped off” and there were no consequences for, what he perceived to be poor service. Therefore, TER was essentially started as an act of revenge against escorts and seemed to encourage this mentality and behavior.

This attitude makes me uncomfortable on so many levels. In my opinion, men need to screen providers just as we need to screen clients; both parties are responsible for their own safety and satisfaction. Men should have a pretty fair idea of what they are getting into before they meet any provider, from a provider’s portrayal online to her introductory exchanges in communication. This is why sites like PrivateDelights, that allows respectful reviews, and P411, are extremely helpful if you want more information when booking a provider.

The only site currently that is a legit “review platform” is PrivateDelights. Their servers are offshore and they treat providers way better than the more famous review site TER, even though they are very overwhelmed right now and slow to respond to providers and clients alike. P411 is another site where providers are pre-screened as are the clients.

P411 has an “OK” system, similar to provider verified reviews on PrivateDelights where you can validate that a client is safe to see. P411 is currently accepting new members and I will vouch for any client that I have seen if you want to join the P411 community or want an OK on their site from me. If you have seen me and want to leave a PrivateDelights review (feel free to be explicit- it is up to the provider) then I will verify it and signal to other providers that you are safe to see.

I hope this information provided some insight into what we deal with when advertising and where to find us in good conscience. I would not support Eros as they do not support us. I would support a sex worker run platform with offshore servers like Tryst to find providers. Slixa has a dazzling array of providers on their site and amazing customer service. P411 recently helped me due to a “no call, no show” and warned the man that this was unacceptable. If men are dangerous or disrespectful, P411 will remove them from the site. PrivateDelights also operates this way and bans dangerous men and removes fake reviews.

You have a lot of power deciding what sites you peruse and how you find us. Use your power for good and help us thrive using the platforms that treat us with respect and also prioritize online safety and discretion.

Here are the sites I use for advertising and that I stand behind with links to each site:

Tryst: https://tryst.link/

Slixa: https://www.slixa.com/

P411: https://preferred411.com

PrivateDelights: https://privatedelights.ch/

Your Mistress,
xx Ramona Ryder

Mistress Ramona Ryder – Elite Escort GFE & Dominatrix of NYC

Specializing in kinky companionship, domination, strapon + prostate massage, +  fantasy role play


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