Scam Alert: Jasmine

Dallas, TX. (Tours: Houston, Austin, TX.)

Jasmine (732) 455-1910 and (818) 641-2887

5′ 3″, 19yo.

EDITORS NOTE: This is why reviews are so important:

R1: “!!!DANGER!!!!

WAS NOT THE GIRL IN THE PICK and called me from a different # 818 641 2887. This is a short black girl a little thick. She claimed Jasmine was busy. I should have known better, left right then but she was cute and seemed nice.

….She jumped up, grabbed the $150. and started attacking me. She punched me in the face four times rapidly before I realized what was going down and then she went to get a knife. So I opened the door and was walking out when she came back and started punching me in the back of the head. I left but I think it could have been even worse….”