Scam Alert:

BEWARE of these providers because they are not actual providers, they are scammers, bait-and-switch or worse.

Scam Alert: Ashley Banks

Scam Alert: Anna Fantasy

Scam Alert: Jasmine

Scam Alert: Kayla Lenoir

Scam Alert: Lissa

Scam Alert: Mari

Scam Alert: Misha

Scam Alert: Selena

Scam Alert: Snow

Scam Alert: Stormy Daniels

Scam Alert: Zara

Arrested: Angelina Barini

Arrested: Crystal Lundberg

Arrested: Kailynn Havannah Alexandria Moore-Jones

BEWARE: When perusing reviews, on other adult websites, do not necessarily believe everything you read. There are politics in the world of adult entertainment meaning that some reviews can be totally made up and even spiteful in nature. Behind the scenes are malicious competitors that post unfavorable reviews because they want to hurt a popular escort for whatever reason. For example, The Erotic (TER) was notorious for its members posting fake, low ratings in order to receive a free TER membership in exchange. TER rewards its hobbyist members with free VIP membership after posting a certain number of reviews. Such practice lends to reviews that are skewed and in many cases downright false. Read more: How to spot fake reviews

Other adult websites allow providers to offer clients discounts to write reviews but paid-for reviews aren’t always honest reviews. FBSM reviews will not publish reviews that are fake or paid for. At FBSM reviews we verify every post and every review, before we publish your review/post, no fakes guaranteed.