Sting Alert for Sept. 03, 2018

By FBSM Reviews

We’ve witnessed more undercover stings from Houston to Chicago this year. And if you don’t want to get caught up read: How to beat any sting (for Dummies).

But today I’m writing to give you a heads up. FBSM Reviews has received word from our sources that LE is currently conducting stings in the following areas:

Los Angeles, CA.

Orange County, CA.

San Diego, CA.

Akron, OH.

Cleveland, OH.

Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Miami, FL.

Phoenix, AZ.

Number one rule on this list?

1.) If you’re going to get an escort, go to a legit site where escorts have reviews like FBSM Reviews and read reviews. If said escort has no reviews she might be law enforcement (LE). Use client verification service like Preferred411.

NOTE: A verified provider is one who has her own website, reviews on sites like FBSM Reviews and can be found on other ad sites such as P411 and has a track record as being reputable, safe and honest.

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