The White List

I’ve only been black listed in this vanilla world. Kicked out of school. Kicked out of home at the tender age of 35. You know the drill or maybe you don’t. And that’s just great. If you’re a great date that girls love being around it’s high time that you got the credit, right?

So, what is “The White List”?  The white list is where great dates get bragging rights because you will now be known as the perfect date.

How does “The White List” work? Entertainers rely on clients to post reviews to verify who they are, right? But how is a guy suppose to prove that he is, who he says he is? After a date, ask to be posted here, as a great date. If your provider feels that you are a great date, they can post you here absolutely free.

This is a free service provided by FBSM Reviews -but this will only help keep you safe if you populate this list with great dates.

Have you seen a great guy? Let other providers know, leave a review. They will do the same thing for you. And thank you!! Because without you FBSM Reviews would not be here.