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Toronto, CA.

Asha Singh

5′ 7″, 37yo.


Are you similarly seeking something that transcends the superficial, trite, and mundane trappings of “the real world” in favor of exploring the overlap of authenticity and dreamscape? I’m looking for a partner in crime, someone with whom I can share my passion for romance and experimentation, whether for a fling or a languid engagement. Let’s meet out on the town, at your upscale hotel, or in the luxurious privacy of my studio conveniently and discreetly located in Toronto’s Financial District.





$1,000./Afternoon or Evening

Of course, neither of us are up for meeting just anyone, so a simple and painless screening process is required to ensure our shared safety, comfort, and discretion:

– Send me the name, website, and contact information for a femme fatale from your past OR

– Work number that I can use to reach you through a switchboard/receptionist OR

– A 50% deposit on our date made by Paypal/EMT along with a brief phone chat OR

– Your name and room number so I can confirm your identity by calling to reach you through hotel reception.

Rest assured your information is solely for my confidential pleasure but if pre-screening for the sake of security is not your style then we probably won’t click and I wish you the best of luck in finding someone that is a better fit.

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